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Hard Surface Sublimation Toolbox

Education and tools for growing your sublimation business

Introduction to Hard Surface Sublimation

Click here to download the ISS Long Beach 2017 presentation (pdf format) and learn the basics of sublimating hard surfaces.

Basic Sublimation Pricing Calculator

How do you price your products to make a healthy profit?

Click here to download this simple Microsoft Excel tool to help you determine costs and profit margins.

Markets to Grow your Business

Click here to find Market plans, products and more to help grow your dye sublimation business with ChromaLuxe and Unisub products.

Asset Library

Click here to see bare product templates to use with Unisub and ChromaLuxe products, and find graphics, product shots and more in our Asset Library

Unisub & ChromaLuxe Products

Click here for a copy of our 2017 Unisub and ChromaLuxe product catalog.

Click here to see our product offerings online.

Click here to find an approved distributor and for more information on ordering products to get started!