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4 Products You Can Offer for Back To School!

2021 Unisub Back to School Market Blog

Back to school is the second-largest spending occasion next to the holiday season. Offering personalized sublimated products with trendy designs and styles can make this back-to-school season a profitable venture. Here are our picks for back to school: 

Unisub Dry Erase Board for School

Dry Erase Boards are easy to personalize and use with dry-erase markers. They are perfect for reminders or to use as photo props for each school year. 

UNisub Dry Erase Board for School

are great for personalizing lockers, using as scheduling tools, or showing off school spirit. They can also capture those first-day-of-school photos that are popular on social media. 

Unisub Magnets for Back to School

Bag Tags work well on lunch or book bags and help identify belongings that look alike. Kids can spend less time in lost and found next time they leave their bags behind. 

Unisub Bag Tag for Back to School

Key Chains
are easy to personalize on both sides and can hold house keys and charms. Attach them easily to backpack zippers or bag clips for a little bit of flair. 

Unisub Key Chains for Back to School

Trying to decide what graphics to put on your back to school packages? Trending designs are geometric shapes with bold colors (hello 1992), comic art with retro prints, natural element designs, and 3D text art. Download license-free graphics and product photos from our back to school market and use them to help sell your products! 

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