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Environment Product & Manufacturing Information

This page contains environmental and manufacturing information concerning Unisub sublimatable products. MSDS sheets for various substrates are also available for download. Unisub will continue to update this content as it becomes available.

Unisub’s manufacturing plant is based Louisville, KY (USA) where all six substrates that we utilize are coated. Additional information regarding our materials, coating, facility and processes are below.

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Our Plant Facility

The Unisub manufacturing plant is an environmentally considerate facility that uses a low energy process for curing our coatings. Plastic drinking water bottles and aluminum cans are recycled. Aluminum, steel and plain paper are recycled on-site. Low energy use light bulbs are in place, as well as a program of unplugging or shutting down any unneeded equipment when possible.

Processes & Practices

Product Safety

Click here for a letter confirming our compliance with various safety regulations.

REACH (Europe) Information

Unisub articles in formal use have no chemical emissions for REACH consideration. At this time, Unisub products are REACH exempt.


The coating that is applied to the substrates contains no lead or other heavy metals or phthalates. This coating is a thin, very durable film which is cured using a low energy process that creates no emissions from the facility.

Substrate Materials

ISO Certificate


  • Created from post-consumer recycled aluminum.
  • Material can be recycled.
  • Product safety and compliance information available upon request.
  • SDS Aluminum

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)


Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

  • Raw material fulfills CARB requirements, which means that it has a clean content with minimal added formaldehyde.
  • Material can be recycled.
  • Product safety and compliance information available upon request.
  • CARB Certification
  • Forestry Responsibility Statement
  • SDS for MDF material
  • International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures: See page 7 for exemptions.

Natural Wood, MDF Core with Maple Veneer


  • Material can be recycled.
  • Created out of some recycled content.
  • Product safety and compliance information available upon request.
  • SDS Steel

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