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Introducing 4 New Unisub and ChromaLuxe Products to Sublimate!

Unisub, ChromaLuxe New Products 2021

We’ve just launched some new products to sublimate and personalize for your customers, just in time for Spring. Think of the joy of a new baby and all the excitement it can bring! Commemorate the occasion with personalized gifts that are easy to clean, like a Wanderlust bag tag (#4866) used to identify a diaper bag, or a hexagon key chain (#4907) to show off photos of dad’s bundle of joy. A tag-shaped key chain (#4906) offers plenty of room to feature a family picture or a cuddly shot, and a ChromaLuxe hexagon photo panel (#4905) makes the perfect desk or shelf accessory for home or work. These durable, vibrant, and colorful products have plenty of room to image and sell to most any market.

Find these blanks at your preferred distributor or reach out to us at [email protected] if you need help locating one. Templates, graphics, and product shots are also available online at unisub.com/support/product-support. Find more inspiration and market ideas by following us on Instagram @realunisub or on Facebook @unisub.

Unisub, ChromaLuxe Q1 2021 Launch New Products Group

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