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Top Tips for Keeping Your ChromaLuxe and Unisub Products Clean

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The pandemic has taught us a few lessons, like how important cleanliness is! Fortunately, keeping surfaces clean when preparing to sublimate or after sublimating is easy. The dye-sublimation coating used on both ChromaLuxe and Unisub products doesn’t have open pores, making it resistant to chemicals, bacteria, contaminants, liquids, and pathogens. The coating also makes the product easy to clean both before and after sublimation, helping you create and sell high-quality products that last.   

Here are some tips to keep your ChromaLuxe and Unisub products clean: 

  • Set up counter space or a worktable to make the cleaning process much easier
  • Remove all protective film before sublimating
  • Prepare your Unisub and ChromaLuxe product by laying it flat, coating side up
  • A can of compressed air is great for removing dust, lint, or other debris
  • Handle edges with care when cleaning
  • Use a clean microfiber cloth (ideally lint-free) to wipe down the surface with any non-abrasive household cleaner
  • For prepping parts for sublimation, a general glass cleaner can be used
  • Blanks can be wiped down or sprayed with disinfectant after sublimation
  • For regular cleaning, use pure or denatured ethanol
  • Rubbing alcohol can remove spray paint from defaced surfaces with some elbow grease
  • A stronger cleaner like acetone, nail varnish remover, or turpentine may be used for more vigorous cleanings

Play it safe and follow safety rules on the labels of any cleaning products you use. Clean in a well-ventilated environment with protective gloves and eyewear. For more tips on how to clean products safely, visit our free Start To Sublimate site https://www.starttosublimate.com/search/cleaning-your-panels.

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