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About Unisub

We don't print, we produce bare products for sublimation.

How We Work

There’s only one way to do business, you do it ethically. If you run an ethical business the world will beat a path to your door.” — Lee Thomas

It is with this mantra of not only ethical business practices, but ethical human interactions, that previous owner Lee Thomas was able to bring Universal Woods, parent company of its family of brands – Unisub and ChromaLuxe – to the forefront of the sublimatable product industry. Employees have helped the company to survive and thrive by continuing this vision.

The Leading Manufacturer

Unisub and ChromaLuxe are the leading brands of hard-surface sublimatable products within the United States and abroad. By offering customers the ability to customize a variety of photo gifts and personalized products using vibrant, full color graphics on a myriad of surfaces that range from plaques, to key chains, to coasters, we’ve built a portfolio of success.  We’re extremely appreciative of the relationships we have developed in the sublimation business that have helped us get this far. These brands are manufactured by Universal Woods in the United States.

Building Our Team

People are our NUMBER ONE priority. By investing in our employees and helping them continue their education, we’ve created a team that is willing and able to go the distance. .

Dedicated to our community

By stressing a collaborative culture, encouraging social responsibility through philanthropic endeavors, and putting people first, we have been able to bring more than 1,200 products to over 80 countries. Our internal employee relationships and continued customer relationship building strategies have strengthened Universal Woods as a company along with the Unisub and ChromaLuxe brands.

Dedicated to Our Industry

As we develop new Unisub and ChromaLuxe products, we want our community to be confident in our continued dedication to creating superior quality goods that will help to grow and sustain the sublimation industry. Knowledge and education are essential for success, and we are committed to offering both technical and marketing support to our customers in an effort to help them grow and reach their business goals.

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