Manufacturing Sublimation Blanks You Can Trust

Success begins with the highest quality materials and our dedicated team.

Unisub blanks allow you to print designs with a simple yet innovative dye sublimation process that allows the transfer of high-definition images onto customizable blanks. From coasters to signage to serving trays, you’re only limited to the boundaries of your imagination.

And every best-in-class blank since 1997 has been proudly made in the USA. As a leading global manufacturer of hard-surface sublimatables, we offer over 330 sublimation blanks, ranging from plaques and key chains to coasters and dozens more.

A team of experts thoroughly inspects every product we manufacture. Throughout the coating process, our product team performs white glove inspections, ensuring that anything leaving our doors meets the highest quality standards. Because we believe our customers deserve the best.

So you can confidently offer Unisub products to your customers, knowing they’ll enjoy their personalized vibrant products for years to come.

Designed to Captivate: Our Proprietary Coating

Our chemical engineering team ensures that our dual coating substrate is specifically designed for heat transfer and formulated for full-color saturation on each and every Unisub blank. Our sublimation printing transfers images directly into a coating that is thicker and more consistent. This process forms an unmatched bond between the artwork and the medium. In addition, each blank has a protective coating for long-lasting durability – for both the product and your art.

Unisub’s proprietary process continues to raise the bar and remains the sublimation industry’s model for excellence.

Unmatched Quality & Stewardship

Our high-quality substrates are known as BARE—Blank, American-Made, Radiant and Eco-Conscious.

As partners in sustainable forest management, all maple wood and MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) are responsibly sourced from forested wood and are FSC certified. Many of our BARE substrates are 100% recyclable, even after being sublimated.

We carefully developed our Louisville, Kentucky, manufacturing facility with its environmental impact in mind. We use a low-energy process to cure our coatings and create our blanks. We recycle our aluminum, steel, and plain paper on-site to reduce our carbon footprint. 

In addition, we use efficient energy sources, including low-energy light bulbs, and regularly unplug and shut down any unnecessary equipment whenever possible.

We conduct White Glove inspections on all BARE substrates to ensure even coating, and by following BARE principles, Unisub substrates are produced with precision, reducing waste and fully capturing your creations.

We’re Invested in Your Success 

We’re committed to producing the highest quality substrates so that you can provide the very best products to your customer. Few things are more satisfying than helping you grow and enjoy your business success. If you’re new to Unisub, welcome! We look forward to getting to know you and learning how we can best serve your needs.

Grow Your Business with Unisub

Unisub offers a range of product lines that capture personal moments, inspire happiness and make a positive difference in people’s lives. And by offering these experiences to your customers, you can increase market share and improve your overall brand affinity. To learn more, contact one of our distributors in your area today.

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