Get to Know Unisub

We create bare products that you can turn into something brilliant.

Who We Are

Unisub is the leading brand of hard-surface sublimatable products in the United States and abroad. Our collection includes 330+ sublimation blanks from plaques to key chains and coasters.

Our team is among the best in the world because of you. We enjoy helping you grow your business. Your creations have been and continue to be our motivation and inspiration. And if you’re new to Unisub, we look forward to getting to know you too!

As we develop new Unisub products, we’re dedicated to creating superior-quality blanks that inspire creativity and growth. We believe that knowledge and education are essential for success.

That’s why we created the new Unisub Resource Portal, where you can find free sublimation templates, royalty-free graphics, marketing support, and more. Let us help you meet your business goals.

Why Choose Unisub?

We’re invested in your success.

Our best-in-class blanks allow you to print designs with a simple yet innovative dye sublimation process. Transfer high-definition images onto customizable blanks. From coasters to signage to serving trays, you’re only limited to the boundaries of your imagination.

Since our blanks are extremely durable and easy to clean, your customers will cherish their personalized products for many years to come.

So what makes sublimation so much better? Unlike traditional surface printing—which quickly fades —sublimation infuses digital images directly into the polymer-based coating for vibrant detailed visuals. With our proprietary process, your creations are sure to attract the attention they deserve.

Altogether, Unisub’s low investment/high margin addition to your business increases overall revenue and improves your bottom line.

What We Make

At Unisub, we strive to make sublimation simple. Everything we manufacture is thoroughly inspected by a team of experts. Anything that leaves our doors meets the highest quality standards. At various stages in the coating process, our product team performs a White Glove inspection on each and every product. So opening your Unisub boxes is never a headache and always a joy.

With each new sublimation blank, we continue to set the industry standard. But what we care about most is exceeding your expectations. Rest assured, when you partner with us, we work with you to understand your needs and deliver solutions. From marketing to logistics, we’ve got you covered.

Coatings & Substrates

Our high-quality substrates combined with our specially-formulated coating give your customers endless options to create vivid, timeless art.

Quality & Safety

Unisub’s proprietary process continues to raise the bar and remains the sublimation industry model of excellence.

Our Long History of Success

Unisub began creating premium hard surface blanks for dye sublimation at our Louisville, KY, facilities in 1997. And since that first day, every product we’ve sold has been proudly made in the USA.

This dedication to quality has helped us grow into the world’s leading manufacturer, with 330+ sublimatable products and sublimation suppliers in 90 countries around the world.

Grow Your Business with Unisub

Unisub offers a range of product lines that capture personal moments, inspire happiness and make a positive difference in people’s lives. And by offering these experiences to your customers, you can increase market share and improve your overall brand affinity. To learn more, contact one of our distributors in your area today.

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