Mother’s Day Sublimation Ideas

Nothing says I love you like personalized keepsakes for mom. Perfume, wine, and flowers are always a treat, but custom Mother’s Day sublimation gifts can help us express our gratitude for moms all year long, and make every day feel like mother’s day.

Make Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate the most important women in our lives. As the day approaches, we know you are looking for unique and thoughtful gifts to give to mothers, grandmothers, and other maternal figures. Keep reading to explore our top product recommendations to make this Mother’s Day that best one yet!

Our first pick is a personalized coaster set. A personalized coaster with a heartfelt message or photo is a classic and practical gift. There are many coasters we manufacture like circle, square, premium, hexagon, and of course, heart-shaped.

Mother's Day heart-shaped photo coasters with pictures of daughters and I love you mommy sublimated.

Another product option we love for Mother’s Day is an ornament. An ornament with the kiddos and mom is a sentimental and thoughtful gift. You can create a unique design using sublimation printing and add a message or a special quote that reflects just how much mom or grandma means to you! We especially love our framed ornaments for this season! Framed ornaments are available in circle and benelux and we know mom will love them.

benelux framed metal ornament for mothers day sublimation project ideas

If you’re looking for something that is both sentimental and practical, our sublimation jewelry might be the perfect choice for you! Our jewelry lineup ranges from necklaces to bracelets, or you can even cut your own shapes and even make earrings! You can add your mother’s name, kids’ initials, or a date that is special to her.

jewelry pendant for mothers day

If your mother loves to garden or loves plants, a personalized garden stake is a great gift idea. You can create a unique design using sublimation printing and add a message or a special quote that reflects your mother’s love for nature. Gardening kits that include tools, gloves, seeds, and accessories are top sellers in spring. Personalize a set of outdoor garden stakes with seed packs for plants and flowers, then bundle them with a handy gardening kit.

Two finished Unisub sublimation garden stakes with colorful designs, one says Marie's Marigolds and the other says Marie's Daisies.

Bundling popular personalized gifts that you sell and creatively packaging them can help add perceived value for shoppers and increase your online sales. How? You’re able to sell complementary products together and creatively package them, saving customers the time and expense of pulling it all together themselves.

Want free, trend-inspired graphics to help you get started? Check out our partner portal below for graphics, illustrations, product mockups, and more.

Sublimation is an excellent way to create personalized and thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts. Whatever you choose to make, your mother will appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness behind your gift. Happy Mother’s Day!


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