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ChromaLuxe EXT and Unisub Outdoor Products

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Most popular products

Item No.DescriptionSize (IN)Size (MM)QTY
4770Garden Stake - Prague2.75" x 6.9"69.85 x 175.2610
Garden Stake - Prague Item No. 4770
4771Garden Stake - Benelux3.95" x 6.9"100.33 x 175.2610
Garden Stake - Benelux Item No. 4771
4772Garden Stake - Berlin3.95" x 6.9"100.33 x 175.2610
Garden Stake - Berlin Item No. 4772
4767Garden Stake - Rectangle3.5" x 6.9"88.9 x 175.2610
4768Garden Stake - Oval3.5" x6.9"88.9 x 175.2610
Garden Stake - Oval Item No. 4768
4769Garden Stake - Square2.75" x 6.9"69.85 x 175.2610
Garden Stake - Square Item No. 4769
4773Yard Sign - Square 1 Leg4" x 10"101.6 x 25410
4774Yard Sign - Rectangle 1 leg7.75" x 10"196.85 x 25410
4775Yard Sign - Oval 1 leg7.75" x 10"196.85 x 25410
Yard Sign - Oval 1 leg Item No. 4775
4776Yard Sign - Rectangle 2 Legs7.75" x 15.83"196.85 x 402.0810


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Tip: It’s all in the preparation

Storage conditions have an effect on the moisture content of transfer paper. Get excess moisture under control by placing your printed transfer paper under the heat plate for just a few seconds

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